Mottos, Creeds and Rules

  1. No member of Congress should be allowed to be a member of the Science subcommittee unless he openly declares that he believes in the Big Bang and evolution.
  2. No one from Wall Street should ever proclaim themselves to be job creators or that what they do is good for America. They should just privately count their money while celebrating TGLP, and the ridiculous low tax rate on capital gains.
  3. Anyone who believes Atlas Shrugged to be a great novel/allegory should be sentenced to 10 years of American economics and history coursework until they figure out that the book has no connection whatsoever to the United States.
  4. Unless a politician is in favor of having the government set the price (or the quantity sold) for consumer goods then they cannot be called Communists.
  5. The USA must sign No-Trade agreements with countries that do not have floating currencies, workers’ rights, or pollution regulations.
  6. No one is allowed to defend an argument by citing an uncorroborated book, essay, poem, or article that is more than 1000 years old.
  7. Cutting tax rates has never lead to an increase in tax revenue and the tooth fairy is not real either.

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