1. The definition of folks is “representatives of a traditional way of life“. I am not a farmer and I don’t run a general store in a rural community – so don’t refer to me as such. In fact only a tiny number of people are rural farmers so why do candidates refer to everyone as folks – constantly.  
  2. The term “On the ground” can only be used if there is an “in the air” alternative.
  3. The term “agree to disagree” must be eliminated from common usage. If I disagree with you we agree about nothing.
  4. Fruit tea – Do people really drink 5X more apple cinnamon tea than plain black or Earl Grey? If not then why are those your only choices?
  5. People cannot complain about or protest tax increases when their taxes and overall taxes have declined. 
  6. The more a person knows, the more he should be allowed to speak. A person who knows nothing must be muzzled.
  7. If you cite Hitler as an historical comparison then it tells me that he is the only historical figure you know about.

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