A Review of the Power of the Trump Taint

I wrote some time ago that advocates for fair trade and reduced immigration may not see any of their goals achieved. These issues were just too connected to the vile President. I’m happy to say that so far that’s proving not to be true. Third parties including Dems and academics are or were unrelenting in the blows against tariffs – for example. Immigrants at the border were being put in cages like animals!

It seems that Peter Navarro et al have given proper exposure to trade crime. In fact, the media has sort of grabbed onto the story as good entertainment. Netflix has a series called Rotten that is supposed to be about (food) trade crime in general but it turns out to be all about the criminal behavior of the Chinese. I don’t think there’s a politician or economist left who is denying (anymore) that the stealing of intellectual property is a huge problem. The cries heard around the country about the horrors of tariffs have withered as it seems their impact is de minimus.

Which leaves us with immigration. For some time Trump seemed to be really blowing it. His people seemed to have no idea how to handle the mess at the border. I have long said that most Americans don’t really like big new illegal arrivals from Mexico. It’s just not in people’s nature to let in masses of people who don’t look and act like them. There may be many politicians who run to an open-border policy because it seems more sympathetic, more caring, but they rarely take the voting masses with them. Goodbye Julian Castro. Goodbye Beto. I think people just want this issue to go away … and it has! All the central American refugees are stuck getting processed in Mexico City. I don’t think anyone is unhappy with the status quo. As long as there are no more stories about people in cages or children getting separated from their parents then this issue will die.

It seems proven that these two issues will continue to go the Trump way even after he is gone. Besides these two, Trump is wrong about everything and he is distinctly unpresidential. The Democratic candidate has only two things to do – embrace Trump’s position on the above and then act more Presidential. Throw in better healthcare and this should be a walkaway.

But this part of his legacy will stay intact.

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