The Buck Stops Here

It sounds like such a strong statement:

“I take full responsibility for what’s gone on here”. My mind goes to an out of control fraternity party where the president of the house takes the fall so his frat can stay alive. He may logically get suspended or expelled. The house is saved… rah-rah.

But what does it mean when the (ostenible) King of Saudi Arabia says “I take full responsibility for what happened to the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi “. He said just that to a 60 Minutes reporter during an extended interview and then she asked him “What does that mean?” There was silence and then she just moved on. She should have stayed there and pressed him. If Khashoggi was murdered then Mohammad bin Salman should be tried for murder – that’s the only thing that “taking full responsibility” can mean! What he really means is “I’ll slap some wrists and tell you (the west) it won’t happen again – not nearly good enough.

In the midst of the Iran-Contra uncoverings, Ronald Reagan (senile as he was) went on TV to say he would take full responsibility for the crime but did anyone actually believe that he would go off to jail in the place of the eleven who were convicted from his administration? The words sound tough and self-sacrificing but they mean nothing because they have no meaning in a court of law. This is not A Tale of Two Cities. Every time we hear this ridiculous expression we should rebel. Journalists should not let it go until they find out exactly what it means. In both cases, the best they’ll get is an intent to resign, if their people committed a crime. Do you see MBS actually stepping down from his throne?

One thing’s for sure – we’ll never hear Donald Trump say this. He will find someone to blame every time which is why he needs to replenish cabinet positions. Finally, we have a scandal where all the evidence is directly related to Trump. There was no intermediary called upon to make this Ukraine deal. Sure Rudy may have made it worse or piled on. He can be taken out like Michael Cohen. Even the repulsive John Bolton saw the criminal activity and got out of Dodge. A pure sycophant – Mike Pompeo, got sucked into the vortex.

I guess I should be happy that I don’t have to hear Trump utter those words. The House can attack the perpetrator and the crime(s) doesn’t involve underlings. It is finally true that the buck will stop at the top.

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