Summer Musings

We are a country of immigrants.

This stupid tautology is being recited on every news channel along with the poem from the Statue of Liberty as though it clears up all aspects of immigration policy.

It doesn’t.

If I start with a huge piece of empty land, cleared away of previous inhabitants by smallpox and then populate it with non-first born people from the UK then I will eventually reach some sort of equilibrium. Then allow me a war with Mexico and I/we’ll have more land to work with so we can keep the flood gates open, more or less. New arrivals were always more comfortable with fellow Englishmen. They let in other Europeans begrudgingly with close attention always being paid to economic conditions. At various points in time they/we slow down the rate of acceptance and that’s the part that is never mentioned by these open border nuts.

We have the highest level of foreign-born people since 1910 when the US virtually closed its borders. Allowing in more people is fine, but as we have done throughout history, moderation is appropriate after big new inflows. Give us your tired and poor but allow us to schedule their admission.

Do we need more evidence that China is not a friend?

Are you following the events in Hong Kong? Have you read the Chinese propaganda that says that we are planting protesters (CIA infiltrators) amongst the rebels. They have photoshopped images of Americans in the crowd in HK. From their point of view, the enemy is obvious – it’s us. So after ample evidence of trade crime and now this, we still have China defenders (mainly Democrats) saying we should treat them like an ally (??).

Can we please just stop all association with them. They are not cuddly teddy bears who need a little love. When will we get the message?

What if we turned our attention to other countries regarding currency cheating?

Have you noticed how our trade imbalance with Japan never goes away and their currency falls no matter what? Similarly, India’s currency can be surprisingly stable in spite of a volatile trade account with consistent trade surpluses. They are both (obvious) currency manipulators. If a country is devoted to running a trade surplus with us then they have to do whatever it takes to sustain that condition. Block imports by a whispering campaign so the WTO can’t hear and at crucial times stop your currency from rising materially. Everyone does it (except maybe Canada and the UK).

A new retweet rule.

If you retweet something then you are now obligated to stand fully behind what it says. You shall not be given the latitude to say well “it was just a retweet”. That’s like passing on gossip and blaming the person you heard it from for the content as though that fully exonerates you. It doesn’t and retweeters must not be allowed to get away with retweeting (say) Alex Jones and then pretending that they don’t really know who he is and that none of his stupid conspiracy theories ever prove to be true.

Can you think of anyone who does this?

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