Sundry Musings

Here a few thoughts and questions that I can’t figure out. Feel free to offer solutions.

  • The Golf of Hormuz Resolution. Yes I know there isn’t such a thing but I am replacing Tonkin with Hormuz to make a point. Does anyone believe the Trump statements that Iran attacked Japanese oil tankers, with mines? Why would they do that – because they want a war with … Japan? Please, I beseech you, watch this video:
  • Why don’t the Toronto Raptors offer parades in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver? If they are the national team and they want to sell merchandise then include the rest of the country. Their support deserves a parade with the players in attendance.
  • Why don’t the Democrats set up a telethon with all their candidates on stage to raise money to improve conditions for illegal aliens who are sleeping on the floor in cages? Everyone gets a toothbrush! It would be a great use of 25 unknown people dying to be onstage- answering phones.
  • Elizabeth Warren needs to remember that George Bush (#2) won the election in 2000 (sort of) without offering any new policies of consequence. Yes, policy ideas are great but in the end, you won’t pass any of them so you need to appeal to people’s (apparent) need to like you. Someone give her a joint.
  • The women’s movement should be careful about their support of the women’s national soccer team. They are correctly arguing that tv ratings are just as high for their games as they are for the men’s team – so they deserve equal pay. Sounds fair to me. It also means that women playing every other sport from tennis to golf to swimming should receive a fraction of what men get. Did you see the empty seats for the women’s semifinals and finals at the French Open?!
  • Can someone tell me what they teach these days in economics? We used to believe that profits led to investment which led to higher wages and lower unemployment. We now have huge companies accumulating profits and doing nothing with them. It makes sense – if you’re already employing (mainly) foreigners and NOT building anything in the USA then you start to build up cash. Your loyal American customers are useless as employees (apparently). Manufacturing wages are falling yoy with an unemployment rate of 3.6%. Apple has $245bn in cash on hand. Throw out all those textbooks.
  • No matter what the Democrats say and do it just sounds more credible to proclaim that new tax cuts will feed back into a stronger economy (even if they don’t pay for themselves) than the Dems saying free healthcare for all and no more student debt ever again! Giving stuff away sounds less responsible than reducing tax bills. They need to find a way to make this sound like they’re not just huge giveaways to various subsets of society.
  • I’m sorry Mr. Coates but you’ll never sell the idea that I or my children owe you money because of the sins of slaveholders 150 years ago. Yes, Jim Crow laws carried on the tradition of discrimination against blacks – in the Confederate states. Try suing them. The more ridiculous your demands- the less likely you are to be taken seriously. Start small – ask for free college tuition for all African Americans. Please stop asserting that all positive economic activity is achieved by virtue of treating blacks poorly. It will never sell.

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