Five Quick Rants

  1. Unshaven Men. Yes, it’s the new fashion brought to you from Silicon Valley where looking unkempt is a statement of one’s intensity. You’re so busy you don’t have time to look in the mirror. Sorry, sir, you’re not a super-coder, you never were. For those over 35 where white is your dominant beard color then you need to get a grip. Your growth looks hideous. Think David Stockman

Does he own a mirror? I especially hate it when actors are cast in period pieces when beards were out of fashion but the actor has a 2-day growth- hoping that viewers won’t notice or know the difference.

2.  The Magical Word SO   Must we all start sentences with the word so? It should connect one idea to another not start a thought. Apparently, this too is a Silicon Valley thing. It doesn’t make you sound more authoritative or logical unless there is a preceding supporting clause.

3.  Whispering Why are Hollywood actors all whispering as though someone is listening nearby and they don’t want to be heard. Try watching the two lead characters in Billions or Keifer Sutherland in Designated Survivor (or pretty much any show he’s ever been in). Are we to believe that nothing said out loud matters much unless the character is whispering? Speak up! I can’t hear you.

4.  Why Trump Won  When pundits are asked why Donald Trump won they often begin with – his effort to be a populist, but reason number two is “Hillary was a flawed candidate.” Then they go on to say how he will win again; they just know it. Therefore if we replace Hillary with someone with fewer or no deep flaws, the Dems can win – right? Now the pundit must assert that all those candidates are more flawed than Hillary and Trump, which they are not asked to do. The new assumption that Trump will win again in spite of terrible ratings is by no means a given especially since Hillary is gone. We also know that Russia helped a little last time. Can we assume they won’t be able to do as much this time?

5. Bills That Will Never Pass Can we stop discussing bills that will never pass like the Green New Deal or free tuition and childcare for everyone. The Senate will never let them happen. We can just change the discussion to: “Which Presidential decrees will you use to invoke policy?

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