Poetic Justice

The Democratic party has become the party of open borders. All their rhetoric says – “show compassion, let everyone in.” When they are asked if they are in favor of open borders, they deny it, knowing it would be political suicide but each time a person is denied entry or treated inappropriately they defend their right to proper treatment as though they are all American citizens. The compassion is good, the policy, or lack thereof, is pathetic.

Republicans talk about reducing immigration but do nothing about it because the dirty details don’t look good on the front page (and big business loves cheap labor). They can pass new laws reducing quotas but the problem with illegal immigration is that quotas mean nothing. Many pundits recommend solutions that include the elimination of chain – migration and the reduction of H2-B visas but they never get their hands dirty presenting solutions to say 500,000 Central Americans arriving en masse.
(If Trump is in favor of lower immigration then he should be reducing entries not allowing more of them!?)

The real problem is that Central America is a mess and these people are on the move. They have great reasons to come and most are legitimately seeking shelter for political (not just economic) reasons.

Now that there is a record number of people pushing at the southern border, we must address the issue that no one ever discusses – what do you do with them all? You must either let them in (old style) and then pay little attention to what happens to them or – you get mean. Donald Trump has sold himself as mister tough with regard to this issue. His base would never allow for the old style solution. That means you have to put them all in some kind of semi-permanent camp – as in a Palestinian Refugee Camp or Syrian camps in Turkey – with tents and barbed wire and plenty of poverty. I guess we can set ours up in some scrub desert land in southern Arizona.

This would be a bad look for the USA, the country of immigrants. Maybe we could find another country willing to “house” them for us (for a fee) sort of like what Australia does, sending most of them to Nauru and Papua New Guinea. No matter where you put them, there will be squalid conditions and lots of barbed wire. The (liberal) press will eat this up as material to attack Trump while offering no solutions themselves.

For now, I love the fact that this mess is being handed to Donald Trump – an idiot with no plan who likes to proclaim that he has it all figured it out. He must now live up to his tough rhetoric or go down hard. First, he’ll add a few troops but the buildup will become too big for them to handle and there are a lot of holes. His wall is beginning to look quite reasonable.

It’s also a great test for (pro) open-borders Democrats. Do they want to let all these people in, so “they can do jobs Americans won’t do.” It’s good that Obama just released a quite rational statement against open borders as did Bernie but we now must deal with the repercussions. It’s time for us all to get our hands dirty (or not). It’s easy to feel compassion for small groups of people but we lose sympathy when the numbers get very big. Such big numbers are no longer theoretical. The solution does not depend on legislation – it never did since no one wants to be the guy who prescribed (in a bill) walls and camps for hordes of illegals.

If you believe in borders then you must also accept walls, tents, barbed wire, and poverty. If you can’t then confess, you’re in favor of open borders.

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