What Did We Learn?

  1. When “tea party” candidates are given a broader regional stage (running for the senate) or a national one (as VP), their stupidity gets exposed to the light. Real interviews are hard.
  2. Running for the Presidency does seem to require some policy ideas that stand up to analysis – not many but a few.
  3. Young people do vote – even when there are no issues of consequence being decided – who knew?
  4. If a party chooses to embrace anti-intellectualism then it may at times look really dumb since there is no one in the room with a brain to correct or advise candidates. Voters are offered lame races based on settled issues and assininity.
  5. The Republican party needs to either divorce or reconcile. During its primary season, all the hard liners come out to squawk about social issues, denounce evolution and advocate for the destruction of the Federal government. Then they pick John McCain and Mitt Romney – two candidates from the party’s left wing (??). Schizophrenia won’t win elections or resolve ideological disputes.

In the end we get Barak again so the good news is that all the crazies at the back of the Republican bus won’t be crashing the inauguration ball. The problem is that status quo Obama has shown no interest in attacking the hard problems that persist.

His slogan needs a radical overhaul.

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