We Must Become Insurgents

In Afghanistan we will never succeed in building the country’s infrastructure, controlling their government and reducing graft or their bustling drug business.  They will never love us and see us as liberators.  The terrain is unconquerable.  A big chunk of the population believes that Sharia law is the way to go.

My plan is to pull every man out and periodically use drones to strike the Taliban or more importantly Al Qaeda training sites (if they exist).  We need to think like an insurgent who jumps out of the jungle, takes a shot and then goes back into hiding.

We cannot manage this country or occupy it.  Our goal was always to ONLY stop them from giving safe haven to terrorists who then plot and train and plot and train.  The Taliban are only our enemy if they befriend Al Qaeda. We cannot referee a civil war and we should not stop the people from having the government they vote for.

Let’s reduce our strategy to what’s possible. 

I love drones.

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