Death of the Morning Paper

We are all familiar with the problem of advertisements migrating to the web and away from newspapers.  The loss of revenue is devastating and everyone expects most papers to be gone in a year or two.  About 10% of the adult population actually reads a newspaper every day.  The readership decline has been steady and looks irreversible. 

The papers can’t fix the advertising problem but they can address the readership slide.  The internet now gives everyone the headlines so what is the point in reading yesterday’s news when you already know what happened.  You must be seeking more depth or you don’t have a computer.

The newspaper can’t sell yesterday’s news.  It has to change its print copies to tell you something that either wasn’t in the web headlines or give you an opinion or commentary on that news item.  Young people don’t read newspapers and they don’t watch the nightly news. They do watch Jon Stewart. 

The newspapers have to get rid of simple reporting and produce more investigations, analyses, commentary and criticism. 

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