Everybody wants to be like Singapore

The front page of the NY Times shows Mahmoud Karzai (Hamid's brother) planning a new apartment complex in Kabul.  He has been busy getting sweetheart deals in banking, cement, real estate, coal mines, and car dealerships.  He proclaims: “I’m in love with the idea that Afghanistan can become a Singapore, a Hong Kong.”
Has he been watching what's going on over there lately?  It's easy to show him.  All he has to do is turn to page A8 which explains the economic crisis going on there.  The statistic of the day:

"Singapore, where the population is just 4.6 million compared with
Taiwan’s 23 million, is particularly vulnerable to a decline in trade.
It typically imports unfinished products, does some processing of the
goods and then exports them, so the total dollar value of its exports
and imports is far larger than its gross domestic product — about three
and a half times as much, in fact."

That is staggering …the world is full of drug addicts addicted to US consumption.

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