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Is Tom Brady really going to follow Richard Nixon?

When you are accused of a crime you have several options. You can:

  1. Prove that you are innocent or that your accusers have no evidence.
  2. Confess, say you’re sorry and that you were either temporarily insane or got a lot of very bad advice.
  3. Act outraged at being accused and offer no defense or contrition.

Obviously the third option is not really a choice – unless you’re as stupid as Richard Nixon. Simply saying that the accusations are ridiculous and you would never do such a thing, will not do. Ask Lance Armstrong or Barry Bonds. America wants to give you a second chance.  Colin Powell would have had a political career if he had confessed to be being used by the corrupt Bush administration. Resigning would have been the best choice but skulking away and saying not much of anything killed him. He no longer exists.

Michael Vick wrote the book on this – his crimes were too horrible to even read about (especially if you’re a dog lover) but his persistent sincere contrition won him redemption and many millions of dollars. Joe Paterno could have saved himself, but instead he said (in effect) -“It wasn’t my job”.  Pete Rose would be in the hall of fame long ago if he had hired Vick’s agent.

Imagine the 1968 election if President Johnson had said “I have no idea what I was thinking, I’m sorry (for the whole Vietnam mess). If elected I will devote the next four years to getting us out.” After accounting for his civil rights accomplishments, he would be seen as one of our greatest Presidents.

If Brady confesses and apologizes he might still save his reputation. Can someone tell him to call Michael Vick?