Why are we arguing?

I am a little confused by the obstinacy of the Democrats. Yes, a wall is a little old school. It’s too expensive and does nothing to stop permanent tourists – our real source of illegal immigration.  Is it the expense that so bothers everyone – the paltry $5.7bn Trump is asking for? Or is it simply the fact that Trump is the guy asking? My guess is that a majority of Americans are OK with the money, so why shut down the government over this? This is their litmus test for open-mindedness and Dems are determined to pass.

Has everyone been following the deeds and achievements of our troops in Syria? Are we actively fighting and killing ISIS militias? Where are our reporters on the ground filming all this? Perhaps I’m not watching the right nightly news. If Mattis had great victories to report wouldn’t we have heard about them? I don’t know anyone who is broken up about reducing our (invisible) army force by half. Americans don’t care about these kinds of Middle Eastern civil wars. Besides, Russia and Assad are both also fighting and killing ISIS too, right? Let them handle this.

How did Mattis’s resignation help (the Dems)? He was the cool general that everyone agreed was thoughtful and a good influence on Trump. In the end, he just looks like any standard issue war-loving military idiot. Why should I be on his side?

Then we have the efforts of Steve Mnuchin, a completely corrupt moron (married to a modern Marie Anoinette) whohas no idea why the market goes up and down even though he worked for Goldman Sachs and some sort of hedge fund for many years. He called a stock market press conference in the format of a pep rally. It achieved nothing – the market kept tanking. It wasn’t a terrible idea.  So what if it didn’t work?

We need to pick our battles so that when we make a case that the Trump White House is truly corrupt or malevolent people will accept the reasonableness of our position. Leave Mnuchin alone and stop hugging Mattis. (He was never on our team.) Trump has set himself up as the guy who destroyed all of Obama’s work. We don’t want to be defined as the party that exists solely to undo all of Trump’s.


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