The Trump Wing of the Party

I haven’t posted much lately because it’s hard to say something original about the mess in Washington. Who needs another voice of outrage. All I can do is express confusion about a few  things:

  1. How is a vote for ACA repeal going to be helpful for Republican political prospects when the only people who will be happy are those from the hard core base? They were going to vote for them anyway and 80% of the electorate is against repeal. If the Repubs primary you out for voting against repeal then they will have an even tougher time holding on to seats versus pro-ACA Democrats. Every Repub  (especially. Trump) should be kissing John McCain on the mouth for taking a (fake) bullet for the party.
  2. Trump wants revenge against congressional adversaries like Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake. His instrument would be the fanatical pro-Trump wing of the Republican party. Is there such a wing? What on earth do they stand for?
  3. Court intrigue is a feature of every monarchy. Advisors fight for influence and the winners are usually the best sycophants. They argue over loyalty, not policy. They denounce and backstab and it never ends. If the king is a classic moronic narcissist then you can’t appeal to him through good advice. A single purge of R. Priebus will not be the end.
  4. After the court decision regarding asylum seekers in Austria, it’s become painfully clear that the only way to reduce immigration into Europe is to pick up all those boat people off the coast of Libya and politely return them to Libyan beaches. If Italy doesn’t, then it’s essentially running a ferry service.
  5. As almost every country puts up barriers against those immigrants, has Britain noticed that they are all coming around to the same position as Leave voters? If the U.K. can put up walls at its borders like Hungary, Austria and France then those in favor of Brexit have lost one of their big reasons for going. Revote!
  6. is it too harsh to see justice in the death of  The Great Barrier Reef because it resides  right next to a climate change denying, coal exporting country.  AT least they, in particular, are paying a heavy price for their anti-science malevolence.

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