If you are against immigration, are you a racist?

History is replete with periods of economic weakness where workers stood against immigration because jobs were so hard to find. You may say that you know that all those unemployed people were really just racists looking for any excuse to keep out “the others”. If you do then you need a lot of evidence. It is true that if I have a good economic reason to want to keep people out then it’s easy to demonize nonwhite immigrants. It serves a purpose. In fact their desire to come here and take your job may make you into a racist but it all began with economic insecurity.

I have no evidence to support the assertion that Donald Trump is a fascist or a racist. He is against immigration just like his constituents and immigrants tend not to come from England. There is no hate speech about Jews, African Americans or Chinese people. There is no assertion that the real America is just made up of people from Western Europe. That’s what a fascist would be saying.

If Hillary looks to attack him by conflating an anti-immigration stance driven by anemic wages, with fascism – she will fail. David Duke may like Trump but the people that have nominated him are not a bunch of David Dukes. America is not that evil.

The 100th Anniversary of Sykes Picot!

Yes it’s 100 years since those two guys helped draw country borders in the Middle East – with the help of Churchill and T.E. Lawrence. Every challenged historian wants to denounce them as fools who didn’t understand the region. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have all these problems … really? Let’s say you wanted to draw those lines today – where would you put them? Is Syria one or two countries? Is Iraq a country at all? Do the Kurds get their own borders? If anything we should be able to look back at their herculean task with a little humility and give them credit for trying. No matter where they drew those lines, even if they did it today, we could easily say they were wrong.

Bernie Sanders is becoming toxic, and you’re surprised??

Bernie refuses to stop campaigning even though he has no chance to win. Every day is a new attack by this fellow Dem. against the presumptive nominee. Oh, sorry – he’s not a Democrat. He was always a malcontent independent, socialist, obsessively repeating his talking points. He doesn’t know how to stop and he doesn’t care about the team. He deliberately chose not to be on the team.

If you like his message then I have good news – it will be repeated ad nauseam throughout the election cycle and well after. The Clintons pulled the party to the center and abandoned the working class. That left a huge hole to be filled. The party’s base has been craving such a leader for almost twenty years. Now that they found him they should recognize their own party has utterly failed to provide such an instrument of change.

The lesson of this election cycle is that the two party system we backed into, is desperately lacking.



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