Where are the climate talk denunciations?

The Paris climate talks ended with no agreement of any kind – none. The “deal” is to allow every country to set its own happy level of CO2 emissions. Isn’t that friendly? Go ahead China, India, America – knock yourself out. Pollute away. There are voluntary guidelines and NO penalties.

This is of course no different from all the other talks which sometimes came up with unenforceable targets set way into the future. At least those meetings ended with benchmarks that we could point to and say – “You (or We)  failed”. Yet the conclusions by the press are all benign – there is apparently good and bad news. I just can’t find the good news. When the press which is in favor of attacking global climate change, won’t call out the attendees of these ridiculous conferences then there is no chance that countries or  politicians will pay any penalty for pollution run-a-muck.


Conference attendees celebrate?!
Conference attendees celebrate?!

Obama has no reason to defend himself against criticism because there isn’t any. We shall go on reading about Chinese restaurants charging for clean air as though it’s just who they are – those little rascals. Where are the protesters like we used to see at WTO talks? Our millennial generation is too worried about political correctness to apparently care about trivial things like the end of the planet.

Doesn’t this video from one week ago tell us everything we need to know?

Apparently not.

(If you can’t see the video then go here.)



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