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It seems like every TV show and every action movie has some guy with a laptop, instantly breaking through government firewalls. The leader of the ‘team’ invariably has an unnaturally high IQ or even a photographic memory. Every spy can dodge bullets, forge documents and hit targets from 2 miles away.

With those models in mind the average person presumes that our ‘intelligence’ services must be staffed with Navy Seal genius code breakers who are discovering every bad guy before he has even thought about being bad.  What patriot would deny such super-humans unlimited funding? Certainly not the US Congress.

Unfortunately the myth is absurd and our secret agents make Austin Powers seem clever. How good was our intelligence regarding the Soviet Union, Iraqi weapons or the rise of ISIS (before they couldn’t be controlled). The list of failures and stupidity is extraordinary.

Now we have an historic challenge: A meaningful portion of the human population is willing to die while killing other humans. They’re not using secret codes to communicate or to deliver their bombs – women in burkas will do. Two days ago 57 people died because they were at a volleyball tournament in Afghanistan. There is no logic or pattern. An infidel is in the eye of the beholder and paradise awaits. Silicon valley can’t help. The CIA needs suicide bomber sniffing dogs. Malcolm Gladwell would appreciate how, just as we have gone high tech, our biggest enemy has gone back to the stone age. The CIA is fighting a religion which provides unlimited conscripts to replace those lost in the field. Every leader is fungible. Every bomb can be made in a cave – by a moron.

There are hundreds of arms dealers/brokers utterly devoted to delivering the best stuff to Syria and Iran. According to James Risen the one thing that every dictator, mullah and terrorist wants is … a good drone. You know, one like this:


We are one drone sale away from the destruction of Tel Aviv.

All our principles have died in favor of our desire to grab cash and cheap electronics. We are constantly taking shortcuts and looking the other way. Hong Kong protesters don’t bother us in the slightest (as we line up at Best Buy). Our Middle Eastern “allies” fund Madrasas that train future radicals and then pretend to care when ISIS beheads or enslaves captives. We still embrace them and call them coalition members.

Principles cost us something and we are apparently unwilling to ever pay for anything – entitlements, imports, interns, music, news, or legal workers to cook our food. Everything is free! We can pretend that our baby sitter is legal and the intern has a wealthy family to subsidize their rent. Buying an iPhone must be good for the US since Apple is an American company – right?

I wish there were a guy with a laptop who could erase our trade deficit, foil every arms dealer in the Middle East and figure out a magic transponder that can tell the difference between a suicide bomber and a peaceful Muslim.

Such people exist only in the minds of Hollywood script writers and Pentagon bureaucrats.


Immigration Non-Policy

On November 20, 2014 By

Our political dysfunction is on display (again) as President Obama considers an executive order that would change our immigration policy, or at least the status of many illegal immigrants – perhaps only temporarily. It seems that the Democratic party’s idea of reform can be summed up in one word – amnesty. The only question left is […]

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Obama is in Beijing and the headlines are making me sick. Business Insider (.com) posts:

China And The US Made A Major Breakthrough On A Technology Free Trade Deal

After all this time and all the self evident clues that have shown us what trade with China does to our economy – the one […]

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Does it matter who wins?

On November 5, 2014 By

This Tuesday we will officially pass over a line where politics in the US will become utterly irrelevant to our daily lives. Power in the Senate will switch to the Republicans but after they win they will do nothing with their new majority. They ran on a platform of “boy, doesn’t Obama suck?” and that seemed […]

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Kenny G is a saxophone player who had a few mini-hits in the 1980’s that some people still remember. He has, ever since, spent his time playing those (elevator) songs over and over again to survive. So this week he went to Hong Kong to show support for the protesters. He tweeted a picture of himself in front […]

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OK – It’s true, actual trade wars aren’t allowed anymore because everyone has bought into the idea that tariffs and import quotas are bad for everyone. Even if your economy is getting destroyed by the global parasite you’re still supposed to sit still and accept your punishment – as though it’s good for you. “It will force […]

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Tiananmen Square Redux

On September 30, 2014 By

The Hong Kong government structure is being altered to match the mainland Chinese model. This doesn’t strike me as a great surprise. Did the residents believe that the communists would allow the British common law system to prevail? They celebrated their freedom from Britain in 1997 but didn’t seem to look ahead very far.

So now […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio went to the climate rally last week and got hammered for being a  hypocrite. Most people, when asked, favor a Buy American philosophy and a Do No Harm to the environment approach. We also eat meat and put Don’t Be Cruel To Animals stickers on our bumpers. When we get to or […]

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Last week Alibaba issued its first listed stock on the NYSE and investors went wild. The P/E came out at 40X earnings and the stock rallied 30% on the first day of trading. Do the buyers know that they actually own equity in a Cayman Islands shell company? The government of China makes it illegal for foreigners […]

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The Middle East is a multi-headed monster. There are so many kinds of bad guys that it fits in with no western paradigm. We just aren’t capable of getting it. Every time a politician asserts with confidence that (s)he has a plan or (s)he knows what any specific group wants, we should tune out – especially if […]

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