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So you say you’re in favor of personal responsibility and “freedom”. You want to believe that people become indigent by virtue of their own failings not due to circumstances beyond their control. Don’t blame the drug or your body chemistry – blame yourself. As a loyal Republican this should be your position. Yes, Jesus would not be in favor of you smoking crack but we’re not talking about you – right? And what if you learned that legalization reduced addiction? It’s really the liberals who want to find scapegoats to blame for the dysfunction of addicts.

Don’t be liberal.

Drugs, like alcohol during prohibition, are a dirty business. If you thought that you were going to legitimize Al Capone and his customers by ending prohibition then you might never have done it. As we know, when you legalize something and regulate it, everything gets less sleazy. The states that have legalized marijuana have not sunk into the sinful depravity. So what are we all so afraid of? … Addiction.

Everyone has the idea in their head that if we provided easy, legal access to (say) Crystal Meth, then we would all try a little and get hooked since our bodies have no defense against the fabulous, mind-numbing, high that it provides. If that were the case then why isn’t everyone drunk or high on weed right now? Shouldn’t I be writing  this in a completely inebriated state?

Obviously this argument is flawed and to prove it we can just look at a country that has legalized every drug – Portugal:

It’s been nearly 15 years since this experiment began, and the results are in. Drug use by injection is down by 50%, broader addiction is down, overdose is massively down, and HIV transmission among addicts is massively down. (Johann Hari)

Yes they did take some of their law enforcement money and funnel into jobs programs but we could do the same thing. And then there’s Switzerland:

Switzerland, a very conservative country, legalized heroin for addicts, meaning you go to the doctor, the doctor assigns you to a clinic, you go to that clinic every day, and you inject your heroin. You can’t take it out with you. I went to that clinic—it looks like a fancy Manhattan hairdresser’s, and the addicts go out after injecting their heroin to their jobs and their lives.

I stress again—Switzerland is a very right-wing country, and after its citizens had seen this in practice, they voted by 70% in two referenda to keep heroin legal for addicts, because they could see that it works. They saw that crime massively fell, property crime massively fell, muggings and street prostitution declined enormously. (again – Johann Hari)

The Republican party is the party that fights crime – right?

So what about addiction – are we still uncomfortable? How will I avoid dropping  by the local heroin shop every day after work? It turns out, there are a variety of studies on Rats and even Viet Nam vets that prove that addiction is really about quality of life, not price or availability. That’s why you’re not drunk right now.

So let’s get over our iron age sin phobias and take the Portuguese leap. Rand Paul is the perfect guy to lead the charge. Remember Rand – this is about freedom and smaller government. The spate of police issues shows us where (and how) government can be most intrusive. Legalizing all drugs would give them a lot less to do. How many policemen would we need if they prosecuted no one for possession or trafficking and only stopped sales to minors. Our entire court system could take a huge vacation.

Isn’t that the smaller government we all want?



The End of Shame

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As the internet and social media has taken off we have seen a commensurate growth in the public’s willingness or desire to debase itself. In order to get attention you have to exceed the outrageous behavior of your friends or twitter competitors. The new media demand more selfies, boyfriends demand more sexts, Fox News demands more […]

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As Rand Paul contemplates his candidacy he must contend with the growing conviction among Republican party primary voters that we must make war – with everyone. Rand is a libertarian/isolationist who has voted at times against expanding the defenses budget. To run he must pivot, Romney style, and pretend to be someone or something he […]

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Are you not entertained?

On March 25, 2015 By

Ted Cruz declared his candidacy on Monday, at Liberty University – a college that specifically states that the world is six thousand years old.  Ted Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard. I don’t think Cruz ever asked his alma maters to host his announcement – he knows that intellectualism is a buzz kill, especially in the […]

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Sundry Short Musings

On March 20, 2015 By

Israel: I will temporarily break my rule to never discuss the Middle East peace process to say this: Bibi has finally admitted what was utterly self-evident (at least to me) for twenty years- there will be no peace deal / he doesn’t want a peace deal. Whether it’s because he hates Palestinians, doesn’t trust them, […]

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When I was growing up I had a best friend (Gabe) who I hung out with all the time. We were thick as thieves until the end of high school when it became evident that he was changing. He began to lie – pathologically. His absorption by a self-created fantasy world was exhausting. I went […]

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I went to a symposium /panel discussion on Wednesday at the 92nd street Y in New York. The 3 featured speakers were: Paul Krugman, Joeseph Stiglitz and Thomas Piketty – all revered economists (the first 2 have won the Nobel prize). The conversation was devoted primarily to the first world’s anemic wage growth and exploding […]

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The Republican party agrees on one thing: Unions are evil because they distort the free market. Employers reduce hiring when it is artificially overpriced. Worse still they get angry at workers who collectively ask for a raise. Republicans may be just defending big business but that doesn’t explain why so many workers are abandoning unions (or […]

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Let the diets begin!

On February 25, 2015 By

Greece went to the mall and loaded up on imported cars (German), imported clothes (Chinese), imported wine (France) , then they renovated all their houses. They used a credit card they were given by the EEC. Every time they exceeded their limit, it was raised … until?

Greece got an extension this week but the problem […]

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The Beyonce Economy

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As labor becomes free (along with information), our most productive skilled laborers and capital owners are rendered freer to perform their craft. Let’s take a look at Beyonce.

Given our willingness to allow in an unlimited number of illegal aliens she can now hire a bevy of dirt cheap personal assistants to take care of […]

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