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I have written about how even in the American south during the 19th century, cotton farmers used to dream about the boon to their businesses if they could just get every person in China to buy 1 cotton shirt. Needless to say that never happened but the dream never dies. After all there are so many Chinese people … I stand by my prediction that Apple will never build up a meaningful market share there and may be blocked completely if their phones sell too well. Now we have more evidence that nothing we do will ever generate sales in China:

Walmart – the perfect Chinese/American company is  failing in China. They buy all their stuff from China, and they sell cheap goods at very competitive prices. What’s not to like if you’re Chinese? – apparently everything. Why engage in an intelligent discussion about local tastes and competitors? There are always unforeseen reasons why American companies fail to gain or hold market share there. Surely Walmart has people in China telling them how to break in to that country. Undoubtedly many of them are Chinese nationals. BMW also (apparently) has no clue. (Did I mention that their GDP is supposedly growing at 8% per year?)

There is no quid pro quo when it comes to trading with a mercantalist. It is a complete fallacy that we will prosper by virtue of selling more goods to them, as they sell more to us. The very same company that is directly contributing to our economic demise by selling us subsidized Chinese goods, can’t make a go of it over there. I would have expected the government of China to help them out – out of gratitude.

There is one benefit to us – if the economy of China completely crashes it will have absolutely no effect on ours. We are completely isolated – frozen out of their prosperity and their demise. If you are a US economist and spend more than 2 minutes a day reading about their economic (fake) data then you are wasting your time. We as economic host, cannot benefit from the health of our principal parasite.

– just ask China’s greatest enabler -Walmart.


Russia vs China

On December 2, 2014 By

OK – everyone is picking on Mr. Putin. He’s an easy target since he seems a little vain. It’s hard to be scared of a dictator whose country is crumbling (economically). So what are his crimes?:

He kind of just took over (back) Crimea without asking us. He hates the free press and shuts down […]

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Genius is Overrated

On November 26, 2014 By

It seems like every TV show and every action movie has some guy with a laptop, instantly breaking through government firewalls. The leader of the ‘team’ invariably has an unnaturally high IQ or even a photographic memory. Every spy can dodge bullets, forge documents and hit targets from 2 miles away.

With those models in mind […]

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Immigration Non-Policy

On November 20, 2014 By

Our political dysfunction is on display (again) as President Obama considers an executive order that would change our immigration policy, or at least the status of many illegal immigrants – perhaps only temporarily. It seems that the Democratic party’s idea of reform can be summed up in one word – amnesty. The only question left is […]

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Obama is in Beijing and the headlines are making me sick. Business Insider (.com) posts:

China And The US Made A Major Breakthrough On A Technology Free Trade Deal

After all this time and all the self evident clues that have shown us what trade with China does to our economy – the one […]

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Does it matter who wins?

On November 5, 2014 By

This Tuesday we will officially pass over a line where politics in the US will become utterly irrelevant to our daily lives. Power in the Senate will switch to the Republicans but after they win they will do nothing with their new majority. They ran on a platform of “boy, doesn’t Obama suck?” and that seemed […]

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Kenny G is a saxophone player who had a few mini-hits in the 1980’s that some people still remember. He has, ever since, spent his time playing those (elevator) songs over and over again to survive. So this week he went to Hong Kong to show support for the protesters. He tweeted a picture of himself in front […]

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OK – It’s true, actual trade wars aren’t allowed anymore because everyone has bought into the idea that tariffs and import quotas are bad for everyone. Even if your economy is getting destroyed by the global parasite you’re still supposed to sit still and accept your punishment – as though it’s good for you. “It will force […]

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Tiananmen Square Redux

On September 30, 2014 By

The Hong Kong government structure is being altered to match the mainland Chinese model. This doesn’t strike me as a great surprise. Did the residents believe that the communists would allow the British common law system to prevail? They celebrated their freedom from Britain in 1997 but didn’t seem to look ahead very far.

So now […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio went to the climate rally last week and got hammered for being a  hypocrite. Most people, when asked, favor a Buy American philosophy and a Do No Harm to the environment approach. We also eat meat and put Don’t Be Cruel To Animals stickers on our bumpers. When we get to or […]

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