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OK – even I am amazed at how many Republican politicians want to run in the upcoming primaries. There is no modesty here, no perspective and a complete willingness to waste the public’s (and their own) time. Does Scott Walker really not see that no one will be able to tell the difference between his positions and those of (say) Marco Rubio? How about Mitt verses Jeb (Bush) or (Chris) Christie? The bachelor started this season with an unprecedented (and ridiculous) 30 ladies for their man to choose from. Apparently the Republican party has the same producer.

The reason why so many are possible is NOT because they are all so unique and bring something different to the table. The fact is that they all stand for the same thing so each believes that he has an equal chance. The determining variables will be irrelevant (absurd) issues such as likability and debate posturing.  Style over substance. (If only Rand would run as a true libertarian…)

Was it not always so? No. I could spend pages contrasting Ronald Reagan with George H.W. Bush (1980) , George Bush with Pat Robertson (1988) or Pat Buchanan (1992). How about George Bush Jr. vs John McCain in 2000? There were huge differences and relatively few participants. Social media has made it cheaper to get broad exposure but harder to really separate from the pack.  Primaries are like the blogosphere – tons of content and no way to find anything worth paying for.

The Dems have lost their ability to create new celebrities. All their leaders are really old and there are no new governors to fill in this void (sorry Mr. Cuomo).  The Bush nightmare of ’00-’08 generated passionate opposition in the media so politicians were’t necessary. Keith Olbermann was better at castigating Bush and the Iraq invasion than Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi. They weren’t even necessary. MSNBC does a bad job of promoting Dems compared to Fox News which provides a 24 hour media op. for any Republican with 10 minutes to spare. Ironically, Democratic politicians were replaced or smothered by the success of Jon Stewart, Stepen Colbert, and Rachel Maddow.

So all we get on the Democratic side is a celebrity minted in the 90’s principally by the fame of her husband. If she got hit by a bus who would replace her? It will make for a stark contrast – 15 Republican candidates at every primary debate and no Democratic primary debates at all. Polytheism vs monothesim. I would like to make a forecast as to what this all means when it comes to the final election, but the one thing both sides still have in common is that no candidate really intends to change anything.

This will be like watching a season of the bachelor where all the women are identical twins. Even the bachelor sees that it doesn’t matter who he picks.


When you import 1.25 billion (peasant) laborers who buy (almost) nothing, then you will get a vast oversupply of goods and (by definition) labor. Prices for both will fall. Interest rates will then fall and for a while the stock market will be happy since costs fall faster than store prices.

With all the fracking we do, […]

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Military Insecurity

On January 13, 2015 By

Military secrecy is not a new thing – as the saying goes: the first casualty of war is the truth. Military insecurity (in modern America) however, is brand new. The willingness of the US government to fire and indict any defense worker for even speaking to the press is stunning. We never saw this level of secrecy under such paranoid schemers […]

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Everyone seems to ask repeatedly: How can the stock market set new records when there is all this global turmoil? Are investors not watching the mess in the Middle East, the bankruptcy of Russia, the instability in Brazil and Argentina, Euro-sclerosis, narco/government crime in Mexico, and Ebola?  Perhaps it’s all Fed created liquidity that just fuels […]

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Is liberalism under pressure?

On December 19, 2014 By

The WSJ had an op-ed article describing public fatigue with the liberal fights against campus rape, Wall Street, and police brutality. The assertion is that complaining and protesting is passe even when it appropriately attacks genuinely bad behavior. If anything the level of public apathy has been a shocking new development given the level of economic […]

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I have written about how even in the American south during the 19th century, cotton farmers used to dream about the boon to their businesses if they could just get every person in China to buy 1 cotton shirt. Needless to say that never happened but the dream never dies. After all there are so […]

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Russia vs China

On December 2, 2014 By

OK – everyone is picking on Mr. Putin. He’s an easy target since he seems a little vain. It’s hard to be scared of a dictator whose country is crumbling (economically). So what are his crimes?:

He kind of just took over (back) Crimea without asking us. He hates the free press and shuts down […]

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Genius is Overrated

On November 26, 2014 By

It seems like every TV show and every action movie has some guy with a laptop, instantly breaking through government firewalls. The leader of the ‘team’ invariably has an unnaturally high IQ or even a photographic memory. Every spy can dodge bullets, forge documents and hit targets from 2 miles away.

With those models in mind […]

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Immigration Non-Policy

On November 20, 2014 By

Our political dysfunction is on display (again) as President Obama considers an executive order that would change our immigration policy, or at least the status of many illegal immigrants – perhaps only temporarily. It seems that the Democratic party’s idea of reform can be summed up in one word – amnesty. The only question left is […]

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Obama is in Beijing and the headlines are making me sick. Business Insider (.com) posts:

China And The US Made A Major Breakthrough On A Technology Free Trade Deal

After all this time and all the self evident clues that have shown us what trade with China does to our economy – the one […]

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