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Yesterday Jeb Bush proclaimed that he would, if elected, send troops to Ukraine to attack or fend off Russian incursions. Ukraine is that lovely corrupt bankrupt state that Germany has said it would never support either militarily or economically. Russian aggression should mean more to Germany than us – right?

Marco Rubio has said he wants to re-invade Iraq to fight ISIS even though the government of Iraq doesn’t seem inclined to do much about their expanding territory in the north. Do Americans feel threatened by ISIS or is Rubio ahead of the curve?

It seems that almost every speech by a candidate about foreign policy involves some assertion that we need to invade some far away place – usually in the Middle East. Presumably they think that it makes them look tough and determined – men of action not words, like wimpy Obama. The thing is – the army has actual people in it, you know, the kind who bleed and die and get PTSD.  All of these forays cost serious money – does that matter to anyone?

The clear answer is that all these people look at the army as a toy – little plastic men on a Risk board. If army men weren’t available to suffer and die then they shouldn’t volunteer. Toy soldiers never get hurt, they are costless and there are no associated logistical issues like transportation or supply lines to think about. The countries you send them to are always enthusiastic. Who would ever object to hosting an invasion by our freedom forces?

I am constantly stunned by this need to send army men to hot spots since I have exactly the opposite inclination. I would never go myself and would never let my son go. I love drones. Every poll I see says that (most) Americans do NOT want to reinvade Iraq and couldn’t care less about Ukraine. Does looking tough help you if the people are all against your warmongering? The disconnect is profound and we can assume that the talk will lead to action upon election since that’s the fun part of the job. Invading countries is like a Presidential hobby and Congress can’t stop it.

After Vietnam we had a decade of military introspection. After our Iraq debacle we have increased bravado!(?) Were they watching the same events as me? How much cash and blood needs to be spent before these people act/talk conservatively. And where are the outspoken peaceniks? We should at least be able to get Rand Paul, our so called libertarian, to swear an oath against going back into Iraq.

More than half the “think tanks” in Washington are libertarian yet we have no libertarian party. A quarter of the population is atheist (= non-believing) but no politician will admit to even being agnostic. More than 70% of the American public is isolationist and no serious politician will declare him or herself to be in favor of shrinking the military and avoiding conflicts in the Middle East.

Why is it so hard to find a single candidate who represents the will and values of the people?


The list of Republican candidates is growing almost every day. There are 10 people on offer so far with more to come. We have two extreme Christians (as if even one ever had a chance), a retired forgotten former NY governor, a failed business executive, a brainless neuroscientist and a brother who needs no introduction. […]

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In this world of hostile partisan dysfunction, a President can’t get much done. The one area he is (normally) left alone in is international relations. He and his minions can negotiate peace treaties, arms reductions, trade pacts. The general rule is that everyone accepts that any new treaty or pact must be a good thing. […]

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When you are accused of a crime you have several options. You can:

Prove that you are innocent or that your accusers have no evidence. Confess, say you’re sorry and that you were either temporarily insane or got a lot of very bad advice. Act outraged at being accused and offer no defense or contrition. […]

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So you say you’re in favor of personal responsibility and “freedom”. You want to believe that people become indigent by virtue of their own failings not due to circumstances beyond their control. Don’t blame the drug or your body chemistry – blame yourself. As a loyal Republican this should be your position. Yes, Jesus would not […]

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The End of Shame

On April 14, 2015 By

As the internet and social media has taken off we have seen a commensurate growth in the public’s willingness or desire to debase itself. In order to get attention you have to exceed the outrageous behavior of your friends or twitter competitors. The new media demand more selfies, boyfriends demand more sexts, Fox News demands more […]

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As Rand Paul contemplates his candidacy he must contend with the growing conviction among Republican party primary voters that we must make war – with everyone. Rand is a libertarian/isolationist who has voted at times against expanding the defenses budget. To run he must pivot, Romney style, and pretend to be someone or something he […]

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Are you not entertained?

On March 25, 2015 By

Ted Cruz declared his candidacy on Monday, at Liberty University – a college that specifically states that the world is six thousand years old.  Ted Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard. I don’t think Cruz ever asked his alma maters to host his announcement – he knows that intellectualism is a buzz kill, especially in the […]

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Sundry Short Musings

On March 20, 2015 By

Israel: I will temporarily break my rule to never discuss the Middle East peace process to say this: Bibi has finally admitted what was utterly self-evident (at least to me) for twenty years- there will be no peace deal / he doesn’t want a peace deal. Whether it’s because he hates Palestinians, doesn’t trust them, […]

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When I was growing up I had a best friend (Gabe) who I hung out with all the time. We were thick as thieves until the end of high school when it became evident that he was changing. He began to lie – pathologically. His absorption by a self-created fantasy world was exhausting. I went […]

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